Usim Creates A Mobile Intravenous Drip


NILAI- Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) researcher from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has invented of Mobile Intravenous Drip (MIV), a specialized strap to assist patients carry the IV set. 

This product is designed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Najib Azmi as a lead researcher, Dr. Azlina Mokhtar, Muhammad Akmal bin Sallahuddin, Hazwan Syahmi bin Hashim, Ummiyahtun binti A. Rahman, Nurul Saprina binti Rosli,  and Fathiyyah binti Faizol Fadzli.

According to Dr. Ahmad, it designed to secure IV set on the body of patients, enabling them to mobilize and maintaining freedom of movement. It consists of a hook and a major strap to hold the IV bottle on it. The hook will ease the patient to use the invention by hooking the IV bottle on it.

He added, two additional features are added to the device on the shoulder and a minor Velcro to hold the long IV tube. It is very convenient and patient-friendly because it can be handled single-handedly.


“In hospitals, it is a norm for patients to feel discomfort while on Intravenous therapy. Patient will have to drag the stand holding the IV set everywhere with it, which the patient always find it hard to do. Without maintaining a proper height, the fluid is unable to enter the vein, this is because the emission of fluid into the body is dependent on gravity”.

Dr. Ahmad explains that besides that the long and dangling tube that connects the catheter with the IV bag also causes such discomfort by restricting the patient’s mobility for Muslims to performing prayers and ablution. Therefore, MIV provides the solution.

The team hopes that MIV will be able to help and assist patients in hospital and will be marketed soon.

For more information:

Assoc Prof. Dr. Ahmad Najib Azmi

(MBBS, MMed Int Med)

Associate Professor of Medicine,

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Specialist

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Office: +6034289 2400
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