PENANG, April 22, 2019 – A team from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) successfully brought home gold and innovation awards for their product The Flicker: Instant Secure Communication System ( The Information Technology and Communication) from the Novel Research and Innovation Competition (NRIC) that was held at the Cultural Hall of the University of Science Malaysia (USM) from April 19 to 21 presented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Development & Alumni Affairs, USM.

With the theme Tranversing Complexities With Global Deviation, NRIC witnessed USIM’s other victories at gaining bronze medals for three of its other products, FaST LaB: Forensic Sciences Kit (Fundamental Science Category), A Green Method For Extracting High-Value Biopolymers From Malaysian Agricultural Waste Using A Low-Cost Ionic Liquid (Engineering and Technology Category) and finally, an innovation product presented by the only team representative from the Faculty of Shariah and Law (FSU) called Qalam Khat (Social Transformation and Creative Arts Category).

The supervisor of the gold medal team, Dr Azuan Ahmad said The Flicker is an innovative product that can be part of a wireless data transmission system between ships as compared to previous technology that merely relied on radio frequency and Morse code transmitted via headlights.

“This success has been a motivation for the team to advance in the field of innovation especially in the field of computer science. The benefits of The Flicker are secure, fast and an energy-efficient data transmitter,” he said, representing the student team consisting of Nafisah Kamaruzzaman, Hanani Faqihah Dzulkheplay, Aina Nazirah Abdul Ghaffar, Syed Muhd Ibrahim Syed Mud Puad and Syafiq Iskandar Sham Suri.

“The Flicker solves this problem by using a laser technology that has speed of up to 100 Gbps and is difficult to detect by enemies when in extreme situations,” he further added.

Meanwhile, the three other bronze products of innovation are no less unique in their creation. The FSU student team under the supervision of Dr Hendun Abd Rahman Shah created the product Qalam Khat, a pen that is made from a fern species (dicranopteris linearis) to support the preservation and conservation of the environment following the realisation of how existing pens are made of disposable plastic.

On the other hand, the FST team under the supervision of Dr Shikh Mohd Shahrul Nizan Shikh Zahari has produced an environment-friendly innovation product to extract biopolymers such as cellulose and lignin from agricultural waster using cheap, easy and safe ionic liquids. Its use is not only limited to preventing environmental pollution, but can also boost the country’s economy by creating more jobs.

Meanwhile, the innovative product FaST LaB: Forensic Sciences Kit under the supervision of Dr Muhammad Zamir Othman was created to give children exposure to science from a young age while also attract their interest in Science as well as gain a fun and interactive learning experience.

YBhg Prof Dato Dr Roshada Hashim, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation is pleased and proud of the students’ participation and achievement in the recent NRIC event.

“We hope that the aspect of innovation among USIM students will continue to grow and become more successful in the future,” she said.

Established in 2006, the prestigious competition has been instilling the importance of research and innovation in students’ projects while giving these students the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity to the general public and particularly individuals in the frontline of the industry.

Prepared by:

Syazlyna Jamil

Strategic Communication Center (StraComm)

Level 1, Chancellor of the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)

71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan