MIG© (Muamalat Interactive Game©) is an innovation that incorporates the concepts and operations for retail products offered by Islamic banks. This game involves the participants (contracting parties) using retail muamalat Islamic banking products for personal financial management. These financial products utilise Islamic contracts such as ijarah, tawarruq, rahnu, musharakah mutanaqisah, murabahah and other supporting contracts. This game features interactive muamalat transactions between the contracting parties playing the game. This game is fun learning activities, useful for Islamic banking retail product users, Islamic finance practitioners, especially the front liners marketing Islamic financial products and students in Fiqh Muamalat, Islamic finance, Islamic banking and Islamic accounting courses as well as the general public interested in Islamic finance.


Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) is a game-based educational tool that i) promotes inclusive economic development by inculcating the spirit of gift economy, ii) promotes awareness on managing personal finance that strikes the balance between individual and community wealth, iii) exposes the players to Islamic banking, investment and social finance instruments. MIG is a learner-centred learning tool that encourages experiential learning of learners. In the game, the players are to accumulate the highest amount of wealth in order to contribute to the community. Players are to accumulate wealth using Shariah-compliant and ethical-based investment vehicles. The game instills the willingness to share personal wealth built-up over the rounds of game-playing to the Sadaqah house via donation (sadaqah) and endowment (waqf). Sadaqah house serves as the communal fund that restores widened economic gap. The players too, gain technical skills of managing personal finance such as planning and recording cash inflows and outflows, budgeting personal expenses, managing debts, calculate tithe (zakat) due, and finally ascertain net wealth.


HAMOODY FLASH CARD is a game designed as a tool to enhance the speaking skills among non-native Arabic learners especially those who are not in the Arabic surrounding and environment. The concept of this flash card game is closely related to learners’ daily activities. This game consists of 2 parties (judge and residents) in a small group of 3-5 persons for each session, one will be the judge while others are residents. Each learner takes turn as a judge. There are 10 obstacles that need to be resolved by the residents. The judge reads a complete order and the residents must arrange the cards according to the order and read out the card arrangement correctly. The judge must decide who fails to follow the order. The failed residents lose one life while the winner is the residents who keeps the life longest. This game tests learners’ memories and their competence in arranging the answer cards. However, it is based on the learners’ creativity on how they arrange the cards. Indirectly, the learners can know how to construct grammatically sound sentences and use correct pronunciation. Through repeated attempts in solving the given obstacles, learners will improve their listening skills, pronunciations skills and will be able to construct simple sentences correctly. HAMOODY FLASH CARD is different from other flash card games in terms of focus, approach, attention and learning point.


Global Zakat Game (GZG) merupakan permainan papan bertemakan zakat yang bertujuan meningkatkan kefahaman masyarakat terutamanya pelajar dan amil terhadap konsep zakat serta memperkasakan kemahiran pengiraan zakat. GZG menyediakan kepada pengguna konsep zakat yang menyeluruh melalui tahapan soalan IQ yang berbeza serta kaedah pengiraan zakat meliputi semua jenis zakat termasuk zakat pendapatan, perniagaan, penternakan, pertanian, emas dan harta karun. GZG turut bersifat global iaitu diterbitkan dalam pelbagai bahasa termasuklah bahasa Melayu, Inggeris dan Arab. Pengenalan GZG versi 2.0 adalah lanjutan daripada versi sebelumnya yang telah melalui beberapa penambahbaikan iaitu dilengkapi dengan aplikasi android. GZG diyakini mampu menjadi bahan bantu mengajar yang interaktif dan mengasyikkan serta mampu membawa pelajar dan amil memahami konsep zakat dengan lebih mudah.


FaST LaB was initiated in June 2017 and being constructed with fundamental principle of having fun with scientific experiments and explorations.
FaST LaB involves in various Science carnivals, workshops and programs that help inspire and create deeper interest in problem solving techniques, development of innovation and commercialization of Science Educational Kit.


Elev8Thor is a modular limb elevation system that is designed for effective elevation and offloading to manage all types of lower limb injuries. The modular support blocks can be removed to offload selected segment of the leg for wound care purposes, ward procedures and increasing patient’s comfort. This product will replace the conventional lower limb elevators available today. The usage of Elev8Thor will benefit all healthcare workers and patients with lower limb injuries or wounds in their day to day treatment that will result in better outcome.


NAISSE (Naisse Hall of Knowledge; NS0189929-X) is a pioneering portal showcasing this integrative, systematic and holistic approach using Naqli (revealed knowledge via Quran and the Prophet Rasullullah’s Sunnah) and Aqli (non-religious rational knowledge encompassing science, technology, arts, humanities and the social sciences). Our focus aims on the remedies for four common illnesses in the bottom billion of the world which is; gastroenteritis, worm infestation, anemia, and fatigue. Eleven teams were established in conducting the search of primary sources in the field of :

Quran and Hadith
Malay Manuscripts
Pharmacology, Scientific Systematic Reviews
Data Mining
Animal Nutrition
Economic Development
Human Gut Microbiology
Anemia, Pathology
Experimental Helminthology
Community Health